Parcelly's Pick 'n' Pack Video Series: #2 - PUDO 2.0

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 11 October 2018

Welcome back to our second episode of our Parcelly Pick 'n' Pack' series!

In this week's session, our CEO & Founder Sebastian Steinhauser dives into the concept of PUDO 2.0 and how Parcelly introduced the Sharing Economy approach to the logistics industry - being the first, as we can proudly say, and also now seen replicated multiple times over in the UK and abroad!

Click HERE to view the full video (or the image below), and your feedback is much encouraged in the comments!

Parcelly Pick n pack Thumbnail Ep 2


Keen to see more? Here's the link to our first session:

Parcelly Pick 'n' Pack session #1 - MINI-WAREHOUSING
In our first P'n'P session our CEO Sebastian reveals how Parcelly's concept of hyper-local warehousing was born, and how our smart technology converts redundant space into on-demand warehousing capacity for retailers...

Enjoy!! #parcellove


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