Team Spotlight: Ezio Chuku, Business Development Associate

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 10 March 2020


Here at Parcelly, teamwork makes the dream work. Our valued members of the team are the pillars of the company and their hard work deserves recognition. Parcelly is indeed a London based tech-startup, and similarly to London, it reunites people from different social and cultural backgrounds, yet with one goal in mind. 

To discuss their past experiences and their future goals, we have interviewed some of Parcelly’s great people and we hope you enjoy reading, as much as we loved creating it. 

The first feature is on Ezio, one of our Business Development Associates in Parcelly’s Sales team. He enjoys a year-long Industrial Placement as part of his Economics degree at the University of Exeter

Parcelly Ezio Spotlight

How is Parcelly different from the previous work experiences? 

"Working at Parcelly constitutes my first job in a corporate environment. It is different from my past job because of its structure and the role that I have here in the company. By having direct weekly and monthly targets to achieve, I gain a wider understanding of the progress I make. Secondly, I have never worked directly to develop a business that is not my own. It is a great learning experience to help identify and implement growth opportunities at Parcelly. I also get the chance to liaise with people of all levels of seniority from other businesses on a daily basis which is very interesting and new for me. Working in a tech start-up, I operate very closely with a large proportion of the team and it is nice to know that all our contributions are directly felt by the company, especially in regards to the growth of the key clients. I have also helped manage the reporting for one of our partners which has been a new and engaging experience for me." 

Which features make a person a great salesperson?

"Firstly, I think that a great salesperson is funnily enough also a great verbal communicator. You must be able to convey a concept clearly and concisely, staying away from the jargon that will only confuse your prospective clients. Secondly, a great salesperson has the ability to listen. Multiple times I have been on the other side of a perfectly recited yet unengaging sales call, only to hang up ten seconds in (if I haven’t already lost interest by then). My point is you need to be able to listen to the client and tailor your pitch accordingly. The trick is to transform the pitch into a conversation where the client feels valued. Finally, I feel that adaptability is key for a good salesperson. It can be likely that prospective clients have their doubts so having the ability to think on your feet in changing situations and fill in the gaps to provide them with reassurance is important."

Careers wise, whom do you look up to?

"There is not necessarily one person whom I look up to because I feel as if everyone that I work with, every interaction I have and every relationship that I build presents learning and growth opportunities that can be taken into my future careers. I particularly try to assimilate any positive feature that I notice directly in those around me at Parcelly. Obviously, there are successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators; the likes of Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates whose journeys and life experiences are very inspiring. It is also really motivating to see Seb’s great achievements with Parcelly so far and to have the opportunity to work in such close proximity to him. He clearly has great passion and drive but is also able to manage such a large responsibility in a calm and collected manner. That in itself is inspiring."

THANK YOU Ezio for being such a great colleague and contributing towards Parcelly’s vision! 

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