Bestway Wholesale: 2022 Supplier Briefing Event

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 22 November 2021

Last week the Parcelly team attended the virtual event 'Bestway Wholesale 2022 Supplier Briefing' . The event was comprised of seven sessions and was particularly insightful in showcasing what Bestway can provide for their suppliers within the Wholesale environment. It was great to learn of the latest business opportunities within the convenience sector and see how it has transformed throughout 2021

The event began with Dawood Pervez’s session on 'Macro market and how Bestway is thriving', where he updated viewers on Bestway's 2021 progress. Kenton Burchell then elaborated on this during his discussion on 'Transforming our business to emerge stronger and as one'. He spoke of what Bestway Wholesale has managed to achieve throughout a challenging pandemic-affected year, for example, their acquisition of Costcutter Supermarkets Group , and outlined plans for 2022. We then saw Mike Hollis speak about the different store fascias now under the Bestway umbrella , including future growth plans for B est-oneCostcutter  Supermarkets Group and Bargain Booze

The event ended with a live Q + A session, where Dawood Pervez and Kenton Burchell shared their thoughts. When discussing the growth of the convenience sector, they mentioned that lots of consumers have reconnected with their local store , valuing them more than pre-covid. Along with this, they suggested that new business models entering the high street are likely to be “hybridized” , offering a wide range of different services to the customer. Symbol group convenience shops are best placed to take advantage of this market development.  

At Parcelly we're proud to be one such "hybridized" solution . Parcelly locations allow high street businesses to optimize their redundant capacity through our innovative tech solution. Offering services: such as parcel collections, returns, hyper-local fulfillment, and key exchange , P arcelly places businesses in the best place to stay relevant through changing retail habits. 

We are proud to be one of the selected solution partners of Bestway WholesaleThe 2022 Supplier Briefing was an excellent event to discover the current trends for company growth within the convenience industry and will help us in shaping our plans for 2022!

If the Parcelly service appeals to you and your store, please get in touch or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to become a Parcelly location partner. Alternatively, for more information on our partnerships, see our Parcelly Partnership Perks.

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