Team Spotlight: Sophia Mohammed, Business Development Associate

Published by Parcelly Team
 • 11 October 2021


Parcelly is all about teamwork. Our valued team members are the pillars of the company and their hard work deserves recognition!

To discuss their past experiences and their future goals, we are interviewing some of Parcelly's great people. We hope you enjoy reading the conversations. We definitely loved having them!

The sixth feature is on Sophia, one of our Business Development Associates, who has just completed her Summer Internship here at Parcelly. Sophia is a Business and Economics Student at the University of Salford


Tell me about yourself and why you decided to undertake an Internship in Business Development and Sales at Parcelly?

“I'm a Business and Economics student and really wanted to get some more industry experience to build on my existing knowledge and to gain a variety of different experiences. I've always been interested in tech and have always felt that it is the future. I also really liked the ethos of Parcelly and what it stands for. After my interviews and a bit of research, I knew that I wanted to be involved and take part in this internship. Given that the team is relatively small, for now, it was really great to be involved in the Business Development and Sales side of things. Within the Parcelly team it is easy to get involved in everything, which obviously develops a wider set of skills and makes it a great experience. "


What skills do you feel are needed to be successful in this role?

“To be successful in Business Development and Sales role at Parcelly, you need to be determined, confident in your own pitch, creative and innovative. Also, you need to have the ability to adapt very quickly because the role is ever-changing. No day is the same! They are completely different in the sense of tasks. Some days you are at the desk, some days you are doing physical tasks. The variety keeps the role so interesting. "


What would you say has been your biggest learning experience while working at Parcelly?

“My biggest learning experience since being a part of Parcelly is definitely when we come across a problem as a team. It's usually about drawing two dots to come up with a solution. I'd say that skill, I had already, but it has definitely been developed in this role. The ability to join two dots and find solutions very, very quickly and adapt, that would be my biggest learning experience. "


THANK YOU,  Sophia! We have loved having you as a member of the team this summer. You have been a great addition and we wish you all the best in your future. 

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