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 • 12 August 2019

Attention, please! Parcelly has been announced winner of another award. Again! But we stay humble (kind of). 

Parcelly has been awarded as the Most Innovative Urban Logistics Solution Provider 2019!

The Logistics, Warehouse & Supply chain awards recognize the efforts of companies and entrepreneurs to break the glass ceiling and bring innovation and tech into the logistics sector. Ensuring the safe movement of parcels, to retain customers and to improve consumer experiences. 

From all the different fields of logistics, the winners have been thoroughly scrutinized and awarded for their offerings to award only the best. 

Parcelly has been announced the “Most Innovative Urban Logistics Solution Provider 2019”. The unique value proposition we offer has convinced customers, retailers and industry leaders to change the way they relate to urban logistics. The mini-warehousing solution, invented and launched in 2016, allows retailers, courier companies and online shoppers to untangle the complexities surrounding delivery system in dense city areas.

Parcelly CV Logistics

E-Commerce has substantially changed in the last 3 years with people expected to spend over $6.77 trillions on goods and services online in 2019. It is clear, therefore, that the logistics and supply chain management requires revitalizing. New ways must be developed to avoid congestion and failed deliveries and improve collaboration.   

We're thrilled to be recognised for our market-leading, courier agnostic platform in the context of urban logistics. Our industry is undergoing a profound change and with Parcelly's innovative logistics solutions, we have been enabling online retailers, courier partners and consumers since 2014 to overcome their last- and first-mile delivery challenges. In the context of urban distribution, trends like digitalisation, urbanisation, the constant growth of e-commerce, but also consumer expectations and regulation continue to shape urban supply chains. We're extremely proud to have been instrumental in rethinking and diversifying the traditional Pick-up and Drop-off (PUDO) model, enabling hyper-local fulfilment in congestion-free zones while reducing the mileage and time required to deliver and return items of all sizes and across a multitude e-commerce verticals, from fashion to food".

                       Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO & Founder Parcelly.

Parcelly Award

Parcelly is rapidly increasing its locations in the UK and worldwide. The #clickandcollect and #hyper-localewarehousing systems have retained >2500 locations and we still have a few tricks in our keep spreading the #parcellove




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