Published by Parcelly Team
 • 08 December 2023

Today marks Parcelly’s 9th Anniversary! We’re filled with gratitude as we reflect on our incredible journey over the past nine years. 

Since 2014, we have witnessed significant changes, not only within Parcelly but also in the broader E-commerce and Logistics industry. As consumer expectations continue to grow, our omnichannel tech platform has adapted to meet the demands of our clients, enabling operational efficiency, consumer convenience and reducing the environmental impact of failed deliveries.  

Today, Parcelly is the leading PUDO technology platform, revolutionising the future of urban logistics. The Parcelly network remains highly scalable and ever-growing, reaching over 3500 locations across the UK and Germany. Our customised first- and last-mile solutions mean that Parcelly will continue to meet consumer convenience, operational efficiency and sustainability goals for years to come. 

In addition to celebrating our birthday, today we are proud to share a massive thank you to one of our longest standing team and board members, Michael Kuhlmann, as we announce him technical Co-Founder of Parcelly 

In Michael’s 9 years at Parcelly, he has been instrumental to countless achievements, most notably:  

  • Designing the ground-breaking architecture of what we know today as the Parcelly platform.  
  • Developing a market-leading user interface as part of our native iOS app. 
  • Being a founding partner in building a tech business from scratch, serving initially consumer clients and later and today international carrier and retail giants. 
  • Being a unique leader in good and difficult times, particularly the pandemic, international expansion projects and post series-A growth. 
  • Driving team culture and team building. 

Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO and Co-Founder of Parcelly  

“Job or business titles are not always a fair representation of one’s contribution and dedication towards helping to design, build and develop a business venture. I got Michael to join Parcelly’s mission in 2014, at a time when the company was still in a fledgling pre-seed stage. Since, we have been defining and communicating the vision and strategy of the business, going through highs and lows together. Today, I call Michael one of my most trusted business partners, an incredible colleague and leader but also a valued friend. As a Co-Founder, Michael contributed with his skills, knowledge, and expertise to help develop and grow the business. He also played an integral role in designing the architecture of the entire stack and hired our talented team to support it - enabling us today to serve international retailers and carriers' brands with market leading technology. Michael, I am extremely proud of where we are today and truly excited about where we go together next with Parcelly.” 

Following on from this special spotlight on our Co-Founder, every business is only as good as its team. The entire Parcelly team have shown incredible dedication, particularly this year, with us signing up major new clients, expanding the network substantially across the UK but also really optimising our tech platform to a completely new level.

These achievements have been made in a tough economic environment and competitive market, as the UK learns of the unique benefits carrier agnostic solutions have. We are also situated in an environment with lots of margin pressure, as consumers buy ever more online but return a multitude of that, which presents a huge volume to manage operationally.  

As we celebrate this milestone, a huge thank you must go out to our innovative and hardworking team, valued clients and incredible business partners. We thank you all for your continued support. Our achievements throughout the year would not have been possible without you! We can’t wait to share with you what we have in the pipeline for 2024… Happy birthday to us! 

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