Published by Parcelly Team
 • 18 December 2023

Today we are excited to announce further partnership expansion across our UK network! 

We continue to expand our PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off) platform, now managing over 3500 partnering store locations in the UK and Germany. We collaborate today with over 20 carrier and online retail brands that utilise this store network for services such as Click&Collect and parcel returns. This year alone, we have announced our expansion with DHL and the launch of our partnership with APC Overnight. Parcelly has joined the UPS Access Point® network, bringing 400 convenient locations to consumers.  

Our carrier agnostic nature grants partners access to the entire suite of our platform features to meet consumers’ demanding delivery expectations and drive consumer satisfaction at the most expensive part of the supply chain: the final mile.

At the same time, by focusing on increasing the network of partnering high-street businesses, we continue to drive operational efficiencies, increase delivery convenience and choice, reduce delivery distance and lessen the environmental impact of final mile logistics.   

Sebastian Steinhauser, Chief Executive Officer, Parcelly Limited 

“We are always proud to announce new integrated carrier partnerships that leverage our company expertise and in-store tech for first- and last-mile consumer services. Parcelly continues to drive consumer convenience, control and certainty in local communities all across the country. We are on a mission to develop next-level consumer delivery experience and reduce the environmental impacts of last-mile logistics.” 

Umair Majid Vayani, Head of Network, Parcelly Limited 

“It is really exciting news about the additional services Parcelly locations can now offer their local customers. The ability to control their parcel volume via in app capacity management, alongside our very easy to use iPhone-based application is revolutionising how locations think about parcel collection services. In addition to this, the fact no counter space is needed makes it a very easy decision for locations to sign up with us.” 

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