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 • 08 December 2017

Over 60 submissions, from more than 30 countries around the world, one winner: Parcelly has been announced as the winner of the ‘DHL Sharing Economy Challenge Award 2017’ at the DHL Innovation Day on Dec, 7th 2017 in Bonn.

As a thought leader in the logistics industry, DHL structurally invests in trend research and solution development. To enable collaboration, the company regularly brings together customers, research and academic institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, industry partners, and logistics experts within their business divisions. As a central forum where business stakeholders can engage with DHL experts on innovation-related topics and issues, the DHL Innovation Center was the perfect stage to host the annual DHL Innovation Day in Germany.

Parcelly Winner DHL Sharing Economy Challenge 2017 Stage II

The DHL Innovation Day brought together cutting-edge frontrunners, high growth businesses and start-ups in technology and logistics. Keynote speeches, pitches, networking and interactive sessions proposed new social and sustainable approaches to transport, retail and logistics and reimagined the future of tech in the industry. 300 executive participants, including Nike, Vodafone, Rewe, IBM, BMW, Shell, Lego, Boohoo, Amazon, Zalando, Bose and Google answered DHL's call for ideas for incorporating sharing economy strategies into logistics.

3 finalists of the Sharing Economy Challenge presented their inspirational solutions aimed at rethinking technology to shape the future of ‘access and ownership’. Out of over 60 submissions from around the globe, Parcelly took first place with its mobile app based platform, converting redundant space in local businesses and private homes into carrier and retailer agnostic parcel storage.

Parcelly Winner DHL Sharing Economy Challenge Innovation Day Sebastian Steinhauser 2017 Stage

"We are encouraged by DHL's openness to logistics strategies that challenge conventional business models," said Sebastian Steinhauser, CEO at Parcelly. "We are absolutely on board with adapting to customers' changing needs by extending the capabilities at the first and last mile of the DHL network, allowing dynamic on-demand pick up and drop off."

Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation added: "The pivotal forces of digitalization and globalization are reshaping our world, and DHL is committed to facilitating innovation that prepares us for these changes. We couldn't think of a better way to discuss the endless possibilities ahead of us than by bringing together these creative minds at our DHL Innovation Day. We congratulate all of the winners for pushing us one step closer to the future of logistics".

We would like to take this opportunity to thank DHL and the delegate judges once again for this amazing opportunity to present our solutions in front of industry experts and thought leaders. Watch the full video here.


Parcelly Winner DHL Sharing Economy Challenge 2017 Award

Picture credit: DHL, read full Deutsche Post DHL press article 



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