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 • 22 December 2023

What a year it has been!

As the door closes on 2023, it’s time to celebrate and reflect on the milestones we have achieved in the last 12 months.

In line with industry forecasts, our year started with readjusted expectations for all our core markets. Yet, Parcelly tripled in sales growth in Q1, securing five new partnerships (from carriers and online retailers to network partners) and built a promising sales pipeline reaching deep into 2024.

On that trajectory, from Q1 to Q4, our location network grew +50% YoY, processing +60% more parcels on average “per store“ basis (YoY), driven by a significant pipeline of automation and product efficiency initiatives which will start to show their impact in Q1 2024. Whilst our core market reached new heights, we took the strategic decision to adjust our projects in the US and Germany, as our entire focus was required to manage our UK growth.

1. Carrier agnostic platform development

We have entered into two new enterprise carrier partnerships this year, taking our carrier agnostic logistics platform to the next level! With carriers APC Overnight and UPS, we are proud to add two top-tier brands to our list of clients. Collaborations that provide our network partner significantly increased parcel volume, and delivery excellence and convenience to a wider scope of customers and local communities. We have also continued to develop our long-standing partnership with carrier DHL Express and DHL Parcel. Of our consolidated 3500 Parcelly locations in the UK, 1250 operate as parcel pick up points for APC Overnight, 400 are part of the UPS Access Point® network and 1800 are activated for DHL Express and DHL Parcel.

These achievements have been made possible by further optimisation of our technology, enabling us to process any carrier label faster and with more automation than ever before. We have numerous leads across the online retail and logistics space and can’t wait to tell you more about it in 2024!

2. Expanding the platform and endeavouring new market opportunities

Our tech has scalability anywhere in the world which is immensely exciting for new market opportunities. The US market is currently under review due to adjusted market planning, with Europe at the forefront for our 2024 network growth.

3. Building brand and platform awareness further

From awards to press releases to industry events, we have continued to strengthen our Parcelly brand and platform awareness this year. We are extremely proud to have been named as one of the “UK’s Most Innovative Retail Tech Creators of 2023“ by Business Cloud’s Retail Tech Top 50, scoring 6th place. Our CEO Sebastian Steinhauser was also named as one of the “Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2023“, in Pinnacle Tech Insights Magazine.

From a public relations viewpoint, we have distributed a variety of press releases of our company news. Most notable was our announcement of Ken Allen (ex DHL Express) as Chairman of the Board of Directors back in February, our partnership announcement with APC Overnight in September and the increase of our network scope in December.

2023 has also been a very successful year in relation to conferences and trade shows, with the Parcelly Team exhibiting, attending and speaking at eight top industry events:

You can read more about our conference highlights on our blog page.

We have also produced various co-branded marketing campaigns with our new and existing partners, to drive awareness of our partnerships for the community. With our carrier agnostic platform booming, we look forward to producing more marketing campaigns and initiatives with all our partners in 2024.

4. One team, one dream 

We have continued to thrive as a team this year and have created countless memories across our different office locations. This month, we celebrated our 9th Birthday, and were especially proud in this anniversary post to announce Michael Kuhlmann as Co-Founder of Parcelly. The Parcelly dream team have ensured to celebrate the wins this year, most recently at our Parcelly Christmas party at London Shuffle Club just this week.

Every parcel counts at Parcelly. With a wave of data points controlled through our platform, our entire team is driven by optimising each parcel journey, reducing friction and ultimately making a consumer consignee happy at the end of the day.

The entire Parcelly team have shown incredible dedication, particularly this year, with us signing up major new clientsexpanding the network substantially across the UK but also really optimising our tech platform to a completely new level.

5. A truly exciting anniversary year ahead - 2024 outlook

Looking ahead to 2024, it is truly exciting what we have forecasted from a sales perspective. We also look to ensure a higher network density as our parcel per store volume keeps growing double-digit as well as the number of postcodes that require PUDO locations. If you or anyone you know has a store and would like to enable convenience, increased footfall and a new revenue stream, you can join our network here to become a Parcelly location.

Besides the UK, we are now also preparing to expand in 2024 in existing and new markets, including Germany and the Republic of Ireland, whilst also navigating the roadmap of our platform features that will yet again redefine PUDO in-store technology and PUDO network management.

Last but not least, the entire Parcelly team wishes you a fantastic holiday season and New Year. We will continue to revolutionise urban logistics and make 2024 one to remember!

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